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Your Image – The Style’s the Limit (preview)

©Kelly Funk
Model: Teneille
Backlit environmental portrait.

By Kelly Funk

If you’re shooting almost exclusively landscape or wildlife content and you’re wanting to move into environmental portraits, even if it’s just a small portion of your content, incorporating elements into those portraits that fit your already existing style is a great way to get started. My photography career got underway like I just described, shooting wildlife and landscapes, with absolutely no people or human elements. I’ll always have a love for the environment, but as I progressed into paid work I could tell that working with people was very appealing to me. It also helped grow my business. An easy transition to shooting portraits can start with large-scale landscapes, including a person for scale and then transitioning until there’s more emphasis on a person or people, until finally you may find yourself working with the environment coming in second place. How you get there isn’t as important as while you’re there though.


There are fundamental components that you already possess as a photographer, but you may not have looked inwardly at how to assimilate them into your portrait work. It’s these characteristics that become so important in creating something that’s stylistically yours …

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