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Your Image – Mini-Adventures, Big Rewards (preview)

©Kelly Funk
Setting out on kayaks, Kamloops Lake, BC
Settings: 16mm focal length, ƒ14@1/80 sec., ISO 100

Story and photography by Kelly Funk

Does the thought of getting up a couple of hours before dawn to trek to the same tried and true local areas have the appeal of brushing your teeth, washing your car or taking out the garbage?


On a planned shoot day, do you roll over in bed and hit snooze or say to your spouse, wake me in 10, OK?

If that’s the case, it might be time for a min-adventure! What’s a mini-adventure you ask? Simply as it sounds, a relatively small trek that’s close to home lasting a night or two and ultimately uses another form of transportation to get you to an entirely new and unique spot. Depending on where that area lies relative to your home that transportation can include things like canoes or kayaks, ATVs, short helicopter rides (which can be surprisingly affordable) or even mountain bikes.

The key here is that you’re exploring and photographing something unique while keeping things both affordable yet intriguing. Once that feeling of wonderment and mystery starts to wane from your favourite locations, you’ll probably find that your work ethic and level of fun both drop off dramatically. When that happens, photography can lose the appeal, but by spicing things up the kid in you can be brought out to play again.

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