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Your Image – Handling the Wow Moments (preview)

©Kelly Funk
Sunrise over
Kamloops Lake
Nikon D3S, 16mm focal length, ƒ16@5 sec., ISO 200

Story and photography by Kelly Funk

It’s probably a safe bet to say that many people have experienced moments in the great outdoors, or even in an urban setting for that matter, that makes one feel like you’re having an out-of-body experience, that literally leaves you captivated and unable to think of anything else as you see the magic of a natural moment unfold before you.


If you’re not a photographer, great, sit back and enjoy the moment with a friend or loved one. If you are a photographer who loves to capture moments like this — I’ll get into upping your odds at finding these natural phenomenon — then there are certain checks and balances that need to be handled. 

When I say handled I’m talking about two things: maintaining composure and minimizing emotions and adrenaline to be able to execute images in a time-sensitive moment; and how quickly we technically compute and then execute what needs to be done. 

Sound technical? To be blunt, it’s almost like we must become emotionless and robotic at the same time. Now, if that sounds like it takes the fun out of a magical moment, well it kind of does but there’s always plenty of time to enjoy that moment after it’s over.

Add to that the feeling of accomplishment in capturing that spectacle and it makes up for the loss.

To best illustrate my points, I’ll talk about each image in my column, because individually they offered up something entirely different; each is taken with a different camera system to showcase that no matter what we are using as a tool, there needs to be parity with the two points above. 

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