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Your Image – Expand Your Content and Strengthen Your Skillset (preview)

©Kelly Funk
Winemaker – Gear/Settings: Nikon D4, 50mm focal length, ƒ3.5@1/125 sec., ISO 100

Story and photography by Kelly Funk

There was a time early in my career when all I photographed and was interested in was wildlife; that lasted quite a while and I learned so much about the craft. When I knew I wanted to try to make a living out of photography, I worked with a pro in northern BC and all I thought about was portraits and stylized images. I know that’s extremely polarizing in its content, and I mention that for good reason. As with anything in life, things can change, focuses shift, priorities emerge. I always saw those changes as opportunities to grow as a photographer, to embrace becoming more well-rounded and add to my creative tool box, because I think deep down I knew it would make me a better photographer — that was all I ever wanted. Today my diverse workload continues as I immerse myself in both the commercial and tourism fields here in BC. This is not my bio, of course, but a short story that will hopefully portray the benefits of encompassing a larger body of work if what you want to do is a) open yourself up to improving your skillset and b) embrace opportunities that might arise in your photographic life and not be intimidated. Those two things alone may in fact push you towards a new level that you previously struggled to achieve.


Now, does this mean I’m suggesting that you…

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