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Your Image — Critique: Small Changes for Bigger Impact (preview)

©Eric Settings: None recorded

Settings: None recorded

In putting together this issue’s critique, let me say that I saw some beautiful work come across my desk. Some images were so good that I really didn’t have enough constructive comments to critique them!


Our first image comes from Eric. This is truly a gorgeous landscape at or near the peak of fall colours, which has great impact. Let me start by talking about the composition. Reflections typically don’t showcase all that well when the scene is placed directly in the middle of the sky and water, and in this case it’s not. There is, however, some crowding on the bottom on the frame with the tops of the trees. I would like to see one of two things done here: crop tighter in camera to eliminate the sky in the bottom, thus negating the eye-catching clouds to strengthen the colours, or go a bit grander in scale to give the tops of the trees some breathing room in the reflection, while also giving more room to both the sky and water.

To read more of Kelly Funk’s critique please pick up the October 2013 issue of OPC today!

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