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Your Image – Create Your Own Inspiration (preview)

©Kelly Funk

©Kelly Funk

Story and Photography by Kelly Funk

Creation deflation, frozen shutter syndrome, photographer’s block, stimulation stagnation. I could go on, but then we would end up talking about neurosis and therapy and B.F. Skinner, etc., so let me stay on track and ask, have you been there? I certainly have, on many occasions, and feeling that lack or even emptiness of inspiration and creativity is not pleasant when all we want to do is make a little magic. At one time or another all artists, whether you paint, write, sing or take pictures, experience a void of this nature; the key though is to fall victim to it less frequently and when you do, recognize it and move through it quickly. Here’s some points to ponder that will allow you to create your own inspiration and not just wait for it …


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