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Wild Side — The Great Bait Debate (preview)

Short-eared owl hunting at dusk near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Short-eared owl hunting at dusk near Vancouver, BC
Settings: EF500mm f/4L IS USM lens, ƒ4@1/800sec., ISO 1600


In the Winter 2013 issue, Warblings columnist Scott Linstead looked at the controversy surrounding the use of live bait for raptor photography. This is John E Marriott’s take on baiting.

In the polarizing issue of baiting in bird and wildlife photography, I come into the spectrum as far to the left as one can possibly sit. I’m strongly against the use of live (or dead) bait for the purposes of achieving a photograph.

I think there are two key issues with baiting, from an ethical standpoint. The first is baiting implies you’re purposefully feeding a wild animal in order to get a photograph. Rather than following the old-school method of using patience, luck and skill to put yourself in…

To read more of John E. Marriott’s “Wild Side” column, please pick up the July 2013 issue of OPC today!


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