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Wild Side – Species Profile: Moose (preview)

©John E. Marriott
Environmental portrait of a Bull moose
Canon EOS 5D, 180mm focal length, ƒ4@1/400 sec., ISO 500

Story and photography by John E. Marriott

In this issue we’re launching a new feature in The Wild Side looking at some of Canada’s most iconic, as well as a few lesser known, species from a wildlife photography perspective.


The goal is to provide you with great value in terms of knowing when, where and how to get spectacular photographs of everything ranging from large mammals to marmots, and even the tiny pika, a small, tailless mammal that resembles a rabbit.

Other than perhaps the beaver, there are few wildlife species that better represent Canada than the moose. These massive, gangly, awkward, dark brown, horse-like ungulates range from coast to coast and can be found in every province and territory across the country except Prince Edward Island.

However, Islanders only have to pop into a car and drive across the Confederation Bridge into New Brunswick to have a chance at spotting a moose.

Just because moose are widespread and common across most of the country does not mean they’re easy to find or photograph though.

To read more of John’s species profile on the moose, and this not-to-miss issue please pick up the Summer 2018 issue today online or at your local newsstand. To never miss an issue you can subscribe here

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