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Wild Side — Finding Compositional Balance (preview)

©John E. Marriott
Coastal wolf, Khutzeymateen, BC

Story and photography by John E. Marriott

Like mastering ancient Jedi skills, finding the right composition in your wildlife photography can prove to be a lifelong commitment. In previous issues, I looked at two of the most common errors wildlife photographers make when composing their images: ignoring the background behind a subject (and realizing afterwards that the giant stick you didn’t notice behind the bear now looks like a horn coming out of its head) and cutting off body parts (hacking off the end of a tail or a back leg; things that should not be on the chopping block). Either mistake can be fatal for your image, resulting in a trash-bin candidate at the computer.


In this issue I want to tackle a third key to unlocking the mysteries of the five-star composition: the secrets behind finding the right compositional balance.

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