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Wild Side – A Wildlife Photographer’s Dream Location: The Johnstone Strait (preview)

©John E. Marriott
Sea Otter swimming on its back, Johnstone Strait, BC

By John E. Marriott

The first time I saw a sea otter in the wild, it was like a jolt of electricity had knifed through my body. I was off the north coast of Vancouver Island, at the top end of Johnstone Strait, and the sighting was brief — as in, “Oh my gosh, is that a sea otter?” By the time I’d said the words, it was gone, yet that two seconds stuck with me and I’ve been addicted to sea otters ever since. How can a wildlife photographer not be enamoured with an animal that has old man whiskers and an adorable, fluffy face? Sea otters were completely extirpated from Canada for several hundred years and it’s only recently in the past few decades that they’ve begun to recover and re-establish in much of their former range on the BC coast. This means that, as photographers, we finally have a real opportunity to photograph these amazing animals in Canadian waters.


For me, the return of the sea otter in the upper portion of Johnstone Strait has been the cherry on top of an already overflowing banana split, fudge-covered sundae of wildlife opportunities in the country’s most fruitful marine mammal photography hotspot …

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