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Advanced Shooter – Working a Scene: Discovering Your Heart’s Intent (preview)

As photographers, we are visually tuned into our surroundings. Even so, there are times when something we see stops us in our tracks and demands that we capture it in a photograph. Often we respond dutifully, make an image or two and then move on, hunting for the next visual trophy. But when we return […]

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Bird Photography Tips – Tips for Shooting Birds in Winter (preview)

By Ethan Meleg I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of winter, but I do get excited about the bird photography opportunities the happen during the cold season. Winter can be a highly-productive time of year to shoot birds if you know where to target them and how to deal with a few of […]

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Wild Side — Shooting in Extreme Winter Weather (preview)

It’s -30 C and snowing — do you know where your camera is? Hopefully it’s on the car seat beside you, in the backpack on your back, or on the tripod in front of you, not stashed away two floors below in your heated garage as you hit snooze for the 11th time. For some […]

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