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Beginner Basics – Creating Mood (full story)

Story and photography by Viktoria Haack When does a photograph change from being purely documentary to something more? Something closer to art? For me, it’s when the image either captures a mood or generates a mood or emotion in the viewer. My personal definition of a moody image is one that captures or draws forth […]

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Photographer’s Lifestyle — Preparing for Your Outdoor Photo Shoots (preview)

There are a number of things to consider when getting ready for an outdoor photo shoot, and the season you’re shooting in will dictate some of it. Questions you should consider are: What’s the current temperature? What’s the weather forecast for the shoot day and the rest of the week? What time is sunrise and […]

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Wild Side — Shooting in Extreme Winter Weather (preview)

It’s -30 C and snowing — do you know where your camera is? Hopefully it’s on the car seat beside you, in the backpack on your back, or on the tripod in front of you, not stashed away two floors below in your heated garage as you hit snooze for the 11th time. For some […]

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Digital Chat — Reflections on the Mirrorless Fujifilm X-T1 (full story)

The fine folks at Fujifilm Canada were nice enough to send me their brand new Fujifilm XT-1 mirrorless camera recently. I’ve been excited about the possibilities of these cameras for some time now, and with the introduction of the XT-1 it sounded from the specifications that Fujifilm had a winner on its hands. The evaluation […]

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