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Out of Focus – Travel, Photos and Food (preview)

By Ethan Meleg Let me give you the straight facts: I love outdoor photography, travel and food. But you know what’s even better? All three at once. I’d pass up dinner with Ansel Adams, a Pulitzer Prize for my literary efforts in this magazine and a chance to go back in time to photograph dinosaurs […]

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Your Image — Urban Sprawl – Endless Possibilities (full story)

Story and Photography by Kelly Funk The definition of urban sprawl is: A multifaceted concept centred on the expansion of auto-oriented, low-density development. The word that I’d like to focus on is expansion, and how that can be transferred to urban photography. There are countless photographic opportunities for those in both rural and urban centres […]

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Beginner Basics — The Next Steps: What to do With Your New DSLR (full story)

Story and Photography by Don Komarechka A new camera is always exciting, especially if it’s your first DSLR camera with plenty of bells and whistles. The whole contraption may be a little overwhelming, but a few settings and fundamental techniques can help you get started on the right foot. After assembling the camera and setting […]

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Wild Side — Destination Jasper (preview)

Story and Photography by John E. Marriott It’s official. After following my column advice for the past three years and spending a kazillion dollars on shiny new gear, you’re now a full-fledged wannabe wildlife photographer. You’ve stalked your neighbourhood ponds, combed every forest for miles around your local town and you’ve even ventured to the […]

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Profile — Andrew McLachlan (exclusive interview)

The stories behind the pictures Story by Stephanie Hounsell/Photography by Andrew McLachlan Although it’s true a picture’s worth a thousand words, sometimes a few words of explanation can provide valuable insight. Barrie, ON-area photographer Andrew McLachlan recently opened up to OPC readers, explaining how he took three of his favourite photographs. Agawa River at sunrise The […]

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Your Image — Critique: Small Changes for Bigger Impact (preview)

In putting together this issue’s critique, let me say that I saw some beautiful work come across my desk. Some images were so good that I really didn’t have enough constructive comments to critique them! Our first image comes from Eric. This is truly a gorgeous landscape at or near the peak of fall colours, […]

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