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Your Image – Maximize Your Landscapes – Add Someone! (preview)

Story and photography by Kelly Funk We’ve all seen amazing landscape images; they’re moody, dramatic, captivating, and the descriptive list goes on. Personally, I will forever refrain from the much, much too-often-used word “breathtaking” (sorry, just a personal pet peeve). Nevertheless, when we’re out in the field — or mountains, or valley or… well, you […]

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The City As Landscape – An Urban Perspective (preview)

Story and Photography by David Nunuk Looking for great landscapes in nature can eat up a lot of travel time. It may mean a long drive and then a hike, with your gear, into the backcountry. Sure, there’s freedom in traipsing around the wilderness without worrying if it’s time to plug the parking meter. But […]

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Nunavut — The Landscape and its People (preview)

Story and photography by Dave Brosha While images of vast tundra, massive icebergs and polar bears may come to mind when thinking of Nunavut, photographer Dave Brosha says the true beauty of this northern land is in its people. Brosha shares his tips and tricks for making the most of your trip to Nunavut – […]

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