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Out of Focus – Traumatic Camera Incident (full story)

Story and Photography by Ethan Meleg It was a glorious morning. A cool mist hung in the valley, drifting lightly on the gentle breeze. The sun burst over the horizon, its golden rays delivering warmth and life to the forest and its creatures. Cardinals and chickadees, nuthatches and titmice were harmonizing in song, filling the […]

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Bird Photography Tips – Back-Button Focus for Bird Photography (preview)

Story and photography by Ethan Meleg In bird photography, we want to have our cameras set up in a way that ensures the greatest chance of capturing sharp photos most of the time. For this reason, almost every bird photographer shoots in a continuous auto focus mode (e.g. AI Servo for Canon; AF-C for Nikon) […]

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Photographer’s Lifestyle — Preparing for Your Outdoor Photo Shoots (preview)

There are a number of things to consider when getting ready for an outdoor photo shoot, and the season you’re shooting in will dictate some of it. Questions you should consider are: What’s the current temperature? What’s the weather forecast for the shoot day and the rest of the week? What time is sunrise and […]

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2014 Online Spring Photo Contest

Contest Theme: Canadian Landscapes Contest deadline: Midnight, June 30, 2014 Show us your best Canadian landscape images. There’s a $15 entry fee (includes taxes), with up to 10 photos uploaded to our website gallery per entry. An additional entry fee is required for 11-20 photos and so on. Your name and photo location MUST be clearly […]

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