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Gear- Olympus PEN-F Micro Four-Thirds Camera (full story)

Review by Mark and Leslie Degner The new Olympus PEN-F looks like a throwback to an earlier time as it’s a classically-styled rangefinder Micro Four-Thirds (m4/3), interchangeable lens system camera. Not only does it have a retro styling, it also pays homage to Olympus’ long photographic history by bearing the same name as an earlier […]

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Gear: Nikon 1 AW1 Digital Camera (full review)

  Back in the film days the Nikonos, Nikon’s interchangeable lens camera system, was synonymous with underwater photography and was used extensively by both amateurs and professionals. Unfortunately the Nikonos system stopped being produced around 2001 and since then photographers had to either buy housings for their digital cameras or use compact point-and-shoot cameras if […]

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Digital Chat — Reflections on the Mirrorless Fujifilm X-T1 (full story)

The fine folks at Fujifilm Canada were nice enough to send me their brand new Fujifilm XT-1 mirrorless camera recently. I’ve been excited about the possibilities of these cameras for some time now, and with the introduction of the XT-1 it sounded from the specifications that Fujifilm had a winner on its hands. The evaluation […]

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