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Advanced Shooter — The Myth of Documentary Landscape Photography (preview)

                                              Story and Photography by Darwin Wiggett I used to think I was a documentary landscape photographer, especially during the period when I only used slide film as my medium to capture images. […]

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Your Image — Urban Sprawl – Endless Possibilities (full story)

Story and Photography by Kelly Funk The definition of urban sprawl is: A multifaceted concept centred on the expansion of auto-oriented, low-density development. The word that I’d like to focus on is expansion, and how that can be transferred to urban photography. There are countless photographic opportunities for those in both rural and urban centres […]

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Digital Chat — A Handy Gadget That’s Easy To Bring Along (preview)

Story and Photography by Paul Burwell Your camera’s metering system sucks. Don’t worry, so does mine. It doesn’t matter if your camera cost $500 or $5,000 because their metering systems all suffer from one flaw — the camera’s light meter can only read the light reflecting off your subject. This wouldn’t matter if all objects […]

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Beginner Basics — The Next Steps: What to do With Your New DSLR (full story)

Story and Photography by Don Komarechka A new camera is always exciting, especially if it’s your first DSLR camera with plenty of bells and whistles. The whole contraption may be a little overwhelming, but a few settings and fundamental techniques can help you get started on the right foot. After assembling the camera and setting […]

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The Art of Fine Art Photography (preview)

Story and Photography by Brian Merry What’s the difference between a landscape photograph and a fine art photograph? While both a well-structured landscape photograph and an emotionally-cohesive fine art photograph are beautiful things, photographer Brian Merry tells us about what sets them apart, and how to compose a good landscape image. To read more of […]

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MindShift Gear Rotation 180º Professional Deluxe (full review)

Review by Mark Degner MindShift Gear is a new company that was founded by the people who produce the Think Tank Photo line of camera bags and packs. Their first product is the Rotation 180° Professional photo backpack with an integrated rotating belt pack that allows quick access to your camera gear without having to […]

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Are you the best or the best-kept secret?

Story by Roy Ramsay/Photography by Doug Hagadorn The best-kept secret feature was inspired by and for photographers just cutting their teeth, or getting started in the field. Over its three-year stint as a launching pad for upcoming photographers, it has also served as a springboard for photographers who have been shooting for years, but just […]

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Profile — Andrew McLachlan (exclusive interview)

The stories behind the pictures Story by Stephanie Hounsell/Photography by Andrew McLachlan Although it’s true a picture’s worth a thousand words, sometimes a few words of explanation can provide valuable insight. Barrie, ON-area photographer Andrew McLachlan recently opened up to OPC readers, explaining how he took three of his favourite photographs. Agawa River at sunrise The […]

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Discovering Canada — Tallgrass Prairie (preview)

Story and Photography by Mike Grandmaison Don’t let the name fool you — Manitoba’s tallgrass prairie has plenty to offer photographers beyond the obvious. In this issue, Mike Grandmaison  takes us through the ecosystem in the western province that may be dwindling in size, but still boasts an extraordinary variety of more than 150 plant […]

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Nunavut — The Landscape and its People (preview)

Story and photography by Dave Brosha While images of vast tundra, massive icebergs and polar bears may come to mind when thinking of Nunavut, photographer Dave Brosha says the true beauty of this northern land is in its people. Brosha shares his tips and tricks for making the most of your trip to Nunavut – […]

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2013 Spring Photo Contest Results (full story)

  The results are in! The 2013 Spring Photo Contest theme was Canadian Fall Landscapes. Thank you to our judge, Kelly Funk, for selecting the spring contest winners. We would also like to thank our sponsors for supplying the many great prizes. For a list of the prizes won please visit www.opcmagazine.com and check under […]

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