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Gear — Review Update – Progrey Filters (full review)

Review by Mark and Leslie Degner In Issue #35 (Fall 2015) we reviewed the Progrey G-100X Filter System and a number of their filters. Since our review was published the folks at Progrey (www.progreyusa.com) have been busy. In our review we noted that the Progrey 10-stop (ND1000X) Genesis Truecolor square glass solid neutral density (ND) […]

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Beginner Basics – What’s in a Filter? (preview)

Story and photography by Don Komarechka The very first accessory usually offered to you after a new camera purchase is a filter. Lens filters serve a number of useful purposes, but they can often cause more harm than good when used in the wrong scenario. Some filters offer protection while others allow for new, creative […]

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Digital Chat – Paul’s 10 Tips for Better Digital Photography (preview)

Story and photography by Paul Burwell I teach hundreds of students the basics of digital photography each year.  Through that teaching experience, along with my own trials and tribulations, I’ve been able to put together a list of tips that will help you get the most out of your digital photography.  Listed in traditional countdown […]

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Gear — Spring/Summer 2015 (full review)

B+W XS-Pro ND-Vario MRC Nano Filter Neutral density filters are some of the most useful filters that outdoor photographers can have with them in the field. They permit photographers to technically and creatively control their exposure, which allows them to get the result they desire. For example, when needing to use a shallow depth-of-field aperture […]

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Your Image — Filters: What, When, Where and How-to (preview)

Story and Photography by Kelly Funk In almost every workshop I put on, regardless of content, I always get at least one person asking about filters — specifically, solid neutral density (ND) and graduated ND. A common question that was asked recently by one of my participants was: What filters do I need and when […]

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