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Gear — Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 III Digital Camera (full review)

I was quite interested when Sony announced their new 20.1 MP Cyber-Shot RX100 III digital camera, the third model in the RX100 line. The first two models received high praise from photographers for their great image quality while still being pocket-sized. Since I never got the chance to really use either of the first two […]

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Bird Photography Tips — Basic Camera Body Settings for Bird Photography (preview)

The action often happens quickly in bird photography. One moment the bird is sitting motionless and then suddenly it launches off – wings outstretched with head pointed to the sky. Your opportunity to create an amazingly dynamic image is all over in a split second. When you scroll through the photos on your LCD screen […]

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Sigma DP3 Merrill (full review)

  Reviewed by Mark Degner “Really, a 46MP compact camera with no zoom lens?” That’s the first question that most photographers ask when they hear about the Sigma DP3 Merrill. Next comes, “It’s a compact camera, so the image quality can’t be that good, can it?” Well the answers are yes, it’s a 46MP compact […]

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