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Bird Photography Tips – Bird Identification (Part 2) – Using Distinct Characteristics to Identify Birds (preview)

Story and photography by Ethan Meleg In the last issue, I wrote about how to find out which bird species can be expected in the areas where you’re photographing. Now, I’m focusing on tips for identifying bird species by observing their unique differences and characteristics. The great thing is that since many of the identification […]

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Advanced Shooter – Can Child Psychology Apply to Photographers? (full story)

Story and photography by Darwin Wiggett They say children pass through several developmental phases on their way to becoming an adult. Now, I’m no psychologist, but looking back on my 30-year career taking pictures, I can see some pretty persuasive similarities between childhood development and my creative journey as a photographer. Non-photographer (incubation) I started […]

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Pushing Limits – Post-Processing Magic, and Where You Cross the Line (preview)

Story and photography by Don Komarechka I was standing in line at my local City Hall in early November a few years ago, waiting to book the city hall rotunda for an art display for the following year. Everyone in the line was an artist or photographer, and a few conversations were started as we […]

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Wild Side – Backlit Beauties (preview)

Story and photography by John E. Marriott There are a number of situations in wildlife photography where conditions get so challenging that the killer shot you’ve been striving for actually gets missed, either by you, or by the camera. Four hours freezing at -40 C might cause you to head home right before the critical […]

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Beginner Basics – Tips for Capturing Snowy Winter Portraits (preview)

Story and photography by Viktoria Haack I love snow and am excited every year for the first winter snowfall. By the end of the winter season, however, snow begins to lose its appeal for me, so I’ve learned that if I want to be creative with snow, my interest is at its peak at the […]

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Gear – Nikon D500 (full review)

Gear review by Jason DiMichele The photographic industry is progressing rapidly, with plenty of new camera equipment released frequently. With such stiff competition amongst the manufacturers, it’s tough to design a product that stands out from the crowd. Let’s see if the Nikon D500 has what it takes! The D500 ($2,699.95) is Nikon’s newest flagship […]

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Gear – FujiFilm’s Fujinon XF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 R L OIS WR (full review)

Gear review by Jason DiMichele In the past few years, many manufacturers have introduced super telephoto zoom lenses that provide great options for sports and wildlife photographers. Fujifilm’s offering is their recently released Fujinon XF 100-400mm and compatible XF 1.4X and XF 2X teleconverters. I frequently shoot with long lenses and looked forward to the […]

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