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Pushing Limits – Using Unexpected Lenses to Push Your Creativity (preview)

©Don Komarechka
MIR-1B with inverted front element
Settings: 1DX mark II, ƒ2.8@1/1600 sec., ISO 100

Story and photography by Don Komarechka

Modern lenses are marvels of technology and engineering.

They offer Pristine optics at the highest resolutions, fast and accurate autofocus and image stabilization that allows us to push the technical limits of image making. They are also expensive, and can sometimes hold us back from certain creative workflows — so how can we explore new creative avenues?


Dial back the clock and adapt old lenses in novel ways to cutting-edge digital cameras. It’s more fun than you can imagine!

There has been a movement in low-fidelity optics in the past few years with companies such as Lensbaby, Lomography, Meyer Optik, and more, to re-envision old optical formulas or introduce intentional blur and defects into your images for artistic effect. Even Leica recently announced a lens in this area, the Thambar-M 900 F/2.2, at a price tag of more than CAD$8,000.

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for a unique feel to your photography, how about $50? Read on to find out more …

To read about Don’s technique for using unexpected lenses to push your creativity, and to read more of this not-to-miss issue please pick up the Summer 2018 issue today online or at your local newsstand. To never miss an issue you can subscribe here


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