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Pushing Limits – Freezing Soap Bubbles (preview)

©Don Komarechka
Frozen soap bubble

Cold and desolate winter days can leave many photographers uninspired to pick up their camera. It’s hard to get excited about long nights and sub-zero temperatures, but the inventive spirit of photography is alive and well with something as simple as blowing bubbles.


Each year we get a number of days with exactly the right conditions, which are temperatures between -8 C and -20 C and absolutely no wind. Forecast predictions are usually accurate a day or two in advance, so get your camera gear ready to photograph something truly magical: swirling ice crystals growing into a solid sphere of frost.

To read about Don’s technique for creating beautiful frozen soap bubbles, and to read more of this not-to-miss issue please pick up the Winter 2018 issue today online or at your local newsstand. To never miss an issue you can subscribe here

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