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Out of Focus – So You’re a Photographer? (preview)

©Ethan Meleg
Using my professional nature photography skills for a birthday party

Story and photography by Ethan Meleg

Outdoor photographers are often extremely specialized in their field.

There are the Don Komarechkas zoned in on snowflakes for months at a time, John Marriotts living with grizzly bears and wolfpacks more than he’s at home, and the Glenn Bartleys who can identify a Crested Bush Thrush fart from a mile away. These pros are super-specialized and extraordinarily good at what they do.


However, it doesn’t matter if you’re the world’s best salamander photographer … to the average person you’re just another photographer. And as a result, anytime anyone needs any photo taken of anything, guess whom they’re going to ask? Yup, it’s you. 

To read more of Ethan’s humorous piece on being a pro photographer please pick up the Fall/Winter 2018 issue today online or at your local newsstand. To never miss an issue you can subscribe here

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