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Out of Focus — Sneaky Schemes to Get Out and Shoot (preview)

©Ethan Meleg Sneaking out to get the shot... whatever it takes!

©Ethan Meleg
Sneaking out to get the shot… whatever it takes!

Story and Photography by Ethan Meleg

One of the greatest dilemmas in the life of every outdoor photographer is being stuck on a trip with companions who aren’t photographers. The magnitude of the predicament, and thus the need for proven solutions, increases according to what’s nearby. If there’s a scenic mountain, a meadow with grizzly bears or a colony of northern gannets within an hour’s drive, you’re facing a Category 5 photo situation! While your companions ramble on about browsing antique shops, visiting the perogy museum or playing a round of mini-putt, all you can think about is escaping with your camera.  Or doing yourself in.


Wait, there’s hope! There are plenty of clever methods you can employ to get away for a few hours of quality photography time. Here are my top three schemes!

To read more of Ethan’s humour column “Sneaky Schemes to Get Out and Shoot” such as the hangover, breakfast-in-bed bokeh or camera-raderie, please purchase the Summer/Fall 2015 issue of OPC, or to never miss an issue please subscribe today!


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