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Out of Focus – If you’re big into shooting little things … (preview)

©Ethan Meleg Ram's head orchid

©Ethan Meleg
Ram’s head orchid. For the camera settings used to shoot this image please pick up the Winter 2017 (#40) issue of OPC today!

Story and photography by Ethan Meleg

The realm of outdoor photography includes all kinds of people who specialize in shooting all sorts of different subjects. Some photographers focus solely on big, furry carnivores, some only shoot monochromatic landscapes, or out-of-focus waterfalls, or unicyclists on trails, or dead trees, or yellow birds, or brown bats or brown bat caves. Among the ranks of outdoor photographers, one of the most unique subsets are those who are intensely devoted to photographing itty-bitty, teeny-tiny things…. wildflowers, tree frogs, mushrooms, snowflakes, bugs, bug eyes, bug testicles, ant turds, grains of sand, nanobacteria and DNA strands extracted from mountain lion scat. I am, of course, talking about macro photographers.


Based on my years of rigorous observational research, I’ve come to the conclusion that …

To read more of Ethan’s column in this 10th anniversary issue please pick up the Winter 2017 (#40) issue of OPC. Or to never miss an issue please SUBSCRIBE today!


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