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Out of Focus – Delete and Repeat (preview)

I go through the full gamut of emotions while culling photos!

I go through the full gamut of emotions while culling photos!

Story and Photography by Ethan Meleg

Digital cameras have made it ridiculously easy and cheap to hold down the shutter button until your finger aches. A couple hours of landscape photography will rack me up a few hundred images. A good day of bird or wildlife photography tallies up more than a thousand clicks. And at the top of the “spray and pray” spectrum, I crank off two or three thousand photos in a single, maniacal day of shooting outdoor adventure sports such as whitewater kayaking.


Now, I’m no mathematician, but when I multiply the number of days I shoot each year by the average number of photos clicked per day, it equals about a quarter million photos in a year. Oh my! That’s not only a blue whale worth of photos to weed through, but also terabytes of data to choke up my hard drives.

I know photographers who never delete a single photo, including one columnist for this very magazine …

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