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November Editor’s Assignment

November — Perspective

Assignment is now closed. Assignment images already submitted:

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Create interesting photographs using perspective. When subjects are closer to the camera, they appear larger, causing other subjects in the background to appear smaller. You could have your subject appear to be holding up something large, or leaning on a tall building. A landscape with large foregrounds and smaller backgrounds work well too. A successful image for this assignment must have both the large and small perspective in the same photograph. Have fun with this one!

Tip: Wide angle lenses will exaggerate the space between subjects, while telephoto lenses will compress the space.

Please note the judging process has changed:

First Round: Initial judging will take place during upload. If your image is chosen as a first round qualifier it will appear in the gallery. All others will be deleted.

Second Round: Finalist judging will take place immediately upon closing of the assignment. Finalists will be notified for hi resolution images for further judging.

Final Round: A winner will be chosen from the finalists and contacted.

Only one image from all submitted images will be chosen as the November assignment winner. Each person can only enter one photo. The deadline for this assignment is December 8th, 2013. Anything uploaded after the deadline will be ineligible.

Please Note: If shooting people a signed model release will be necessary if chosen as the winner. The winner will be asked to supply this release. No release will cause immediate disqualification and another winner will be chosen.

Prizes: The winning image will be published in the spring (April 2014) issue of OPC and the winner will receive The Cotton Carrier Photo System, Photographer Noel Chenier’s Photography Assignment Generator App for DSLRs available for your iPad. In addition to this you will also receive an official OPC baseball cap.

For more information on the assignment apps click here

*This month’s assignment was generated using Noel Chenier’s Photography Assignment Generator App for DSLRs.

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Grand Prize/ Best of Year Award

Upon closing of the December 2013 assignment, one overall image from all the assignment winners for 2013 will win the Best of Year Award. With this distinction comes the Best of Year Certificate issued by Outdoor Photography Canada magazine. In addition the winner will also receive a $750 voucher for any oopoomoo event (wokshop, seminar or tour with Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou). Also you will receive a $750 voucher towards a stay at the Aurum Lodge just outside of Banff National Park, AB. These prizes can be combined or used separately.

Total prize value: $1500


  • Kelly Funk
  • Noel Chenier
  • Roy Ramsay




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