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May 2014 Editor’s Assignment

May 2014 – Multiple Exposure

Assignment is now closed. Assignment images already submitted:

For this assignment create outdoor images using multiple exposures. Interesting images can be created, by combining different images together into one. Depending on your camera, you may or may not have a multiple exposure mode. If not, you can use Photoshop or another editing program to combine these images.

Here are some ideas:
• Zoom/Rotate/Jiggle each exposure
• Photograph a subject completely out of focus and in focus
• Combine multiple images of a subject in different ways
• Combine an outdoor portrait and a texture
These are just some ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

First Round: Initial judging will take place during upload. If your image is chosen as a first round qualifier it will appear in the gallery. All others will be deleted.

Second Round: Finalist judging will take place immediately upon closing of the assignment. Finalists will be notified for hi resolution images for further judging.

Final Round: A winner will be chosen from the finalists and contacted.

Only one image from all submitted images will be chosen as the May assignment winner. The deadline for this assignment is June 13, 2014. Anything uploaded after the deadline will be ineligible.

Prizes: The winning image will be published in the Fall (October 2014) issue of OPC and the winner will receive photographer Mike Grandmaison’s book, Georgian Bay and photographer Noel Chenier’s Photography Assignment Generator App for DSLRs available for your iPad or iPhone.





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