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Lifting the Veil of Colour (preview)

©Wayne Simpson
Lake Huron at Brights Grove, ON. A long exposure can smooth rough water and show movement in textured clouds.

Story and photography by Wayne Simpson

More often than not, life has a way of being busy and overwhelming. I’m a big fan of weeding out the nonsense and zeroing in on what matters most. In many respects, black and white photography embodies this philosophy on an artistic level.


With black and white imagery it’s possible to simplify a busy colour pallet, lead the eye around the frame and enhance the underlying mood of an image in the digital darkroom. For me, black and white photography has a sort of cleansing effect as it forces me to concentrate on the basics: light, composition, contrast and texture. I think of it like sitting down to a fancy meal and taking all those extra spoons and forks away. Seriously, all that extra cutlery is just confusing clutter that isn’t really needed! Sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple and use the basic tools proven to get the job done.

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