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Life in the Yukon – A photo essay by professional landscape and wildlife photographer Peter Mather (preview)

©Peter Mather "From a rocky ledge we see the vast Yukon landscape ...

©Peter Mather
“From a rocky ledge we see the vast Yukon landscape …

Photo essay by Peter Mather with narrative by Roy Ramsay


See Canada’s far north like never before through landscape and wildlife photographer Peter Mather’s breathtaking images of the Yukon. From scenic mountain vistas to an up-close-and-personal view of the wildlife that call the Yukon home, Mather has covered it all …

Peter Mather’s inspiration began when he was completely mesmerized by author and photographer Ken Madsen’s work on touring Yukon wildlands. The inspiration came from the Yukon’s beauty and the fight to protect some of its wilderness areas. Mather took up photography shortly after that fateful day. In his own words: “Photography gives me the opportunity to capture a unique moment in time. I love it because a single image can tell a story, inform and inspire. I think of every image as a memory. My photography is a combination of photojournalism and a fine art. I hope to inspire people to explore the outdoors and to preserve our wildlife and our wildlands.”

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