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June 2014 Editor’s Assignment

June 2014 Assignment – The Landscape and You

Deadline: July 4, 2014

Assignment is now closed. Assignment images already submitted:

For this assignment create a landscape image as you normally would, but this time place yourself in the frame. Being creative and artistic here will win you big points. Just standing in the frame won’t cut it. The use of props, lighting and camera techniques are what will garner attention. Using a tripod with a self timer or remote trigger is essential.

Tips and Ideas:

• Compose your shot and expose the scene normally. Focus where you plan to be in the frame.
• Try wide lenses and telephotos
• Try fast shutter speeds to freeze your movement, or slower speeds to blur it
• Try different and unique angles

Judging First Round: Initial judging will take place during upload. If your image is chosen as a first round qualifier it will appear in the gallery. All others will be deleted.
Second Round: Finalist judging will take place immediately upon closing of the assignment. Finalists will be notified for hi resolution images for further judging.
Final Round: A winner will be chosen from the finalists and contacted.

Only one image from all submitted images will be chosen as the June assignment winner. The deadline for this assignment is July 4, 2014. Anything uploaded after the deadline will be ineligible.

Prizes: The winning image will be published in the Fall (October 2014) issue of OPC and the winner will receive a signed copy of photographer Mike Grandmaison’s Muskoka book, and photographer Noel Chenier’s Photography Assignment Generator App for DSLRs available for your iPad or iPhone.

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