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Joby Convertible Neck Strap (full review)

Joby Convertible Neck Strap

I have a love-hate relationship with camera neck straps; something I’m sure that many other photographers feel the same way about. I have one attached to each of my DSLR cameras, but I rarely use it around my neck to carry my camera. There are a couple of reasons for this, not all having to do with the camera neck strap. First, the majority of the time that my camera is out of my photo backpack it’s attached to my tripod and I carry it around on the tripod. The second reason is I find the camera neck straps that came my DSLR cameras are too wide, rough and uncomfortable, and look like big ads for the camera manufacturer. The last thing that I want to do when out photographing is to draw attention to what camera I’m using, especially in areas where theft might be an issue. The third thing I don’t like about most neck straps, the camera manufacturer ones in particular, is that they’re a pain to attach and remove from the camera.

Convertible neck strap

Convertible neck strap

When I saw the Joby Convertible Neck Strap, I thought it was an interesting design and might be a lot more practical and versatile than the manufacturers’ neck straps that I’m currently using. Its name “Convertible” is a pretty obvious clue that it’s more than just a neck strap; it can quickly convert into a wrist strap or a shorter carrier strap mode. The Joby Convertible Neck strap has a unique design in which the strap consists of three parts joined together with two small, but secure, quick-release buckles. It attaches really easily to a camera (or binoculars for that matter); just unsnap the two end pieces from the main neck strap and then loop the longer end strap through the camera’s right side strap eyelets (the side the shutter button is on) and the shorter end strap to the camera’s left side strap eyelet. Then reconnect the main part of the neck strap back to the two end straps attached to the camera and that’s all there is to it.

Converts to a wrist strap

Converts to a wrist strap

The Joby Convertible Neck strap isn’t padded, but is made from high-quality nylon woven material that’s relatively soft to the touch and doesn’t scratch your neck or wrist. I attached the strap to my Nikon D800e camera with an L-bracket and a Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens and carried it around my neck for over half a day of shooting; it was pretty comfortable and my neck wasn’t irritated, like I know it would have been with my normal neck strap. Its width where it goes around your neck is about 25mm, which is nice as it’s wide enough to distribute the weight of the camera but not too wide to rub. The black colour, with a nice grey trim, gives it a subtle but attractive appearance (no logo or advertising on it) that won’t attract attention to you or your camera.

To convert the neck strap in the shorter carrier mode strap all you need to do is unbuckle the main part of the strap from the two shorter straps that are attached to the camera and then using the quick-release buckles join the two short straps together. The conversion is quick and easy, resulting in a short 28-30 cm carrying strap that’s convenient for taking your camera in and out of your camera bag when using the camera primarily on a tripod; the carrier mode strap takes up a lot less space.

Shorter carrying strap

Shorter carrier strap

The longer of the two straps that are attached to the camera (the one on the shutter side of the camera) can be used by itself as a wrist strap; just disconnect it from the other straps and slip your hand through the large loop. There’s a sliding plastic wrist size adjuster that can be used to tighten the strap around your wrist so if you accidently let go of the camera it won’t come off your wrist.

I was quite impressed with the Joby Convertible Neck Strap, as far as neck straps go; it was comfortable and not scratchy on my neck, and because it’s convertible it is more versatile than standard neck straps. With a price around $29.99, it’s affordable and a definite improvement over the camera straps that come with most DSLR cameras.


Price – 29.99

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