Snowy Owl Portrait

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by lindastacey1
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Snowy Owls do sometimes come to Canada during our winter months only when their Lemmings food supply are low in the Artic Tundra were their home range is. Then they fly back to the Artic regions during early Feb and March to have their chicks. This Snowy Owl image was taken in Boundry Bay British Columbia.

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to “Snowy Owl Portrait”

  1. bkcrossman says:

    Beautiful shot! Snowy owls have got to be one of my favorite birds.
    – Brittany

    • lindastacey1 says:

      Thank you very much Brittany it was a thrill to photograph them and watch them. Yes they are Unique looking Owls. I forgot to put this is a Female.Did you manage to see any or photograph any were you are located?


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