Bald Eagle Captures Duck

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by lindastacey1
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Bald Eagles are masters at capturing their prey and have great vision that can see 2 miles away and their prey can very from Salmon and any fish and small rodents and small birds and snakes and even ducks . I was waiting at a particular Eagles Nest in Port Coquitlam BC and all of a sudden I heard the Bald Eagle Call and I looked to my left and there was the Bald Eagle resting in a dead tree next to me and she had a Mallard Duck in her Talons .I could not believe what I just saw because I never have seen a Bald Eagle with a Captured Duck in the Talons of a Bald Eagle before . So I quickly started taking shots with my Camera and it is like the Eagle propped the duck up so I was able to get my images . Yes I felt sad for the duck but it is Nature in the rawest form .

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