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Hand-Held Macro Workshop with the Toronto Digital Photography Club (full story)

Story by Roy Ramsay
Photography by members of the Toronto Digital Photography Club


This past spring OPC hosted a hand-held macro workshop at the Toronto Botanical Gardens. The photography was based on a technique I wrote about back in Issue #33 (Spring/Summer 2015). The Toronto Digital Photography Club asked me to take them out on location and show them this technique firsthand. The idea was to create images hand-held, at a macro level of magnification, which would create a dreamscape feel. I worked with the participants to perfect this technique together with a few extra tips and the results were stunning. Congratulations everyone for creating some outstanding images during the workshop. Below are just a few of them.

©Kelly Paul – Image executing the concept of shallow depth of field and rule of thirds with a dreamscape feel


©Lance Gitter – Image demonstrating shallow depth of field with an ethereal feel.


©Rita Wong – During our hand-held workshop insects were a popular subject within the composition


©Robert Zakrison – An image showing patterns as the main compositional element


©Tony Scopazzi – Beautiful use of shallow depth of field and subject placement to tell the story of this nectar collector

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