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Gear — Spring/Summer 2015 (full review)

Triggertrap Mobile

Triggertrap Mobile (TTM) is a remote camera release that uses an app on a smart phone or tablet to trigger an attached camera. At the heart of the system is the TTM app and there are both iOS and Android versions available as free downloads. In addition to the Triggertrap Mobile app, you need to purchase the TTM Dongle and a camera connection cable to complete the system. The TTM Dongle is a piece of hardware that plugs into your smart phone or tablet’s headphone socket and converts the signal sent from the TTM app into a form that will trigger your camera.

Triggertrap app displayed on a smart phone

Triggertrap app displayed on a smart phone

The final piece of the system is the camera connection cable that connects the TTM Dongle to your camera. Since there’s no single standard for camera remote control sockets on cameras, both within and between camera manufacturers, there are a variety of different camera connection cables available. But there’s little need to worry that it won’t work with your camera, as TTM is compatible with over 300 different camera models. What I really like about the TTM system is that if you have multiple cameras with different types of remote control sockets you only need to purchase one TTM Dongle and then buy the appropriate camera connection cables for each camera.

TTM Dongle and camera connection cable are both necessary to complete the system

TTM Dongle and camera connection cable are both necessary to complete the system


The TTM app is the heart of the system and has a variety of different modes and features that can be divided up into six groups: Cable Release modes (6 for both iOS and Android), Timelapse modes (5 for both iOS and Android), Sensor modes (4 for iOS and 1 for Android), HDR Modes (2 for both iOS and Android), Remote Trigger Mode and Calculators. I don’t have the space to describe each of the different modes so you’ll have to check them out on the Triggertrap website (www.triggertrap.com), but what I can say is that many of them are really neat. I especially like several of the Timelapse modes, including Distance Lapse and Star Trail.

Time-lapse function within the Triggertrap app, mounted on camera.

Time-lapse function within the Triggertrap app, mounted on camera.

In addition to these different camera release modes there are also a few other features in the TTM app that are handy, including a Solar Calculator (sunrise/sunset) and an ND Calculator (calculates your exposure when using neutral density filters).


The one thing that some photographers might not like about TTM is that you need to use your camera in manual focus mode. However, I don’t find this to be a limitation since I would already be using manual focus in most situations anyways.

You can purchase a TTM kit that includes both a TTM Dongle and the appropriate camera connection cable for most cameras for about $50. Additional camera connection cables cost typically about $15, and if you need another TTM Dongle you can purchase it separately for about $35.

I’ve tried several similar types of camera remote products over the past few years and by far the Triggertrap Mobile systems has the largest range of modes and features, making it the most versatile and useful camera remote I’ve used.


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  1. BCrose says:

    This is a very good device and works well. I am hoping they add a night mode to the app as we all know white light and night photography do not mix.


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