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Gear — Review Update – ClearWhite White Balance System (full review)

Review by Mark and Leslie Degner


Way back in Issue #7 (Fall/Winter 2008), OPC contributing editor Darwin Wiggett did a review on the ClearWhite white balance system (www.DigitalPhotographyKits.com). Fast-forward to the end of 2015 and we received a sample of an improved version of the ClearWhite white balance system to try out. Since Darwin’s review was extremely positive, we were really interested in trying out the system ourselves.


The ClearWhite white balance system consists of a ClearWhite white balance filter, a ClearWhite neutral grey card and a detailed instruction booklet that clearly explains how to use the system in a variety of different situations. In addition, there’s a lanyard and a nice carrying case for the filter. There are two sizes: the standard size (100mm x 100mm/4″x4″ for $59.99 US) that’s suitable for use with lenses that have a front diameter of up to 95mm and the large size (126mm x 126mm/5″x5″ for $69.99 USD) for really large lenses.

The ClearWhite white balance system gives photographers a quick and easy method to create custom white balance (WB) settings so they get consistent and accurate colours in-camera and minimizes or eliminates post-processing WB and colour corrections. Essentially all that a photographer needs to do is hold the ClearWhite white balance filter in front of the lens and make a custom WB setting. The hardest part of the process is figuring out how to set your camera’s custom WB.

Since we didn’t do the original review, or have the sample that was used, we can’t do a comparison to the new version to say how much it has been improved. However, we can say that the ClearWhite white balance system is one of the best custom white balance tools we’ve used. It’s simple and quick to use, is easily carried with you and, most importantly, produces accurate and consistent results.

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