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Gear – Pixel Cents (full review)

Reviewed by Jason DiMichele

It’s always exciting when a service is introduced that assists with running our photography businesses, as this is a segment of the industry that has some gaps. Many folks struggle with critical tasks such as pricing, how to market and even how to pay ourselves first.


Pixel Cents is a new service aimed at filling these industry gaps. As long as you promise to read the full review, I’ll tell you that this is the most fun I’ve ever had dealing with business planning.

Pixel Cents was founded by Melissa Welsh, an award-winning wedding, portrait and commercial photographer, as well as past president of the B.C. Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). 

Pixel Cents (www.pixelcents.com; $25 USD/month or $192 USD/year), is an online subscription-based platform (iOS app is also available) that was designed from the ground up to help you grow/build a successful and sustainable photography business. There’s also a 100% money back guarantee with a risk-free trial.

Designed around a very intuitive and attractively-designed dashboard interface, your summary information and all sections where you enter appropriate data are all in one accessible place. 

Some of the Pixel Cents features available in this central dashboard area include personal budget, lifestyle, cost of doing business, non-billable hours, session fees, promotions, determining how many customers you need to achieve your goals. There is also a free Price-A-Photo calculator, based on Professional Photographers of America (PPA) standards, but the values are equally applicable to photographers worldwide based on how the calculations are done. 

There is a cute section called Feed My Donkey where you can enter your worked hours, sales and expenses to keep the donkey happy (which can be verified on the dashboard summary). It is very fun and easy to enter the appropriate information into these sections as a wizard-based system is used to guide you through all the fields. Pixel Cents is designed to be user-friendly, giving you as much assistance as you need, with such features as hover tips and video tips.

A powerful aspect of Pixel Cents is that it ensures that you make time and money for yourself, as a healthy balance is required for success. Pixel Cents integrates the business and personal sides of your time and money seamlessly.

In addition to the powerful Pixel Cents business foundation platform features, there are lots of inspiring and educational articles about such topics as planning a photography show, how to raise your prices, copyright information, photo licensing and marketing advice. New content is added frequently, and Melissa also shares information about what worked and didn’t work for her business, so you won’t make the same mistakes, and can make choices that work for your business.

There is also a Facebook group to support the service. Your Pixel Cents subscription comes with a lot of resources, support and encouragement to succeed, beginning with the emails that Melissa sends out regularly with tips, suggestions and inspiration. The quality of customer service is phenomenal. I found and reported a couple of website formatting issues, and they were fixed within days. The questions I had were answered very quickly.

To say Pixel Cents is a web-based application would not be doing it justice. The software component is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value that you get for your money. Melissa has created a community around the product, and the combination of a quality product and Melissa’s drive and passion make Pixel Cents something you owe yourself to at least try if you’re serious about your photography business succeeding long-term.

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