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Gear — Glovax Pro gloves (full review)

Review by Jason DiMichele

The majority of equipment and accessories in the outdoor photographer’s backpack are directly camera related. Sometimes the accessories that can make a photographic outing more successful are not those that you buy at a photography store. I was sent a sample of Glovax Pro Gloves, and after giving them a test run in a variety of situations, I quickly realized that they should be reviewed!


The Glovax Pro gloves ($49 USD, available from www.indiegogo.com; multi-pair discounts available) are marketed as all-in-one adventure gloves. A very new product on the market (publicly available from fall 2017), they started as a crowd-funded project. The Glovax Glove campaign was extremely successful, achieving 15x their required amount. The Glovax team is comprised of three individuals based in Shenzhen, China. Based on communication I’ve had with the company, it’s clear that the product is represented well. My questions were answered quickly, and with professionalism and enthusiasm.

The Glovax Pro gloves are lightweight and available in two versions, the Lite (~30 grams per glove) and the Pro (~50 grams per glove). The Glovax Pro gloves are more suitable for most outdoor photographers and enthusiasts, and what I will focus on in this review. The Glovax Pro gloves are available in orange or blue, and in multiple sizes (S, M, L, and XL). Manufactured with a special yarn based on traditional EHMWPE (Extra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and a mixture of additional high-density materials, they exceed the EN338 standard level 5 (European mechanical risk safety standards for hand protection).

The Glovax Pro gloves are designed to be extremely durable while remaining very comfortable to wear. The back of the glove is made of yarn cloth, which allows you to wear the glove for hours with great breathability, virtually eliminating sweaty, clammy hands. The front of the glove is coated with a special rubber-like micro pattern coating that gives the glove its superpower features, including cut resistance, puncture proof, anti-skidding, abrasion and tear resistance and water/oil proof. It’s truly impressive how tough and comfortable they were when I was using these gloves for various tasks. The Glovax Pro glove demos on the Indiegogo website show how much these gloves can endure, which is exceptional, especially for gloves at this price point!

Instead of requiring multiple pairs of gloves for different purposes, the Glovax Pro gloves provide a multi-purpose solution for outdoor adventures, jobs around the house and everything in between. From my experience with them, it’s obvious they will be very beneficial for use at camp when cutting or chopping, bushwhacking and traversing slippery, technical trail conditions. I even tested picking up something very hot with them, and neither my hands nor the gloves got burned.

Although there are other more exciting photographic accessories to spend money on, the end goal is to make sure that we get that great shot and enjoy the experience while doing it. Accessories like the Glovax Pro gloves will definitely help you achieve this. They will take you through the toughest and most technical terrain most of us are likely to traverse. I’ll be ordering a few pairs so that I can keep one pair at home, one in my backpacking pack and one in my camera backpack. I highly recommend that you order some to have handy when the situation calls for them!

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