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Gear: Cotton Carrier StrapShot (full review)

StrapShot full system

StrapShot full system

The StrapShot is a new product from Cotton Carrier, a Canadian company that makes the Cotton Carrier Camera Vest and Cotton Carry-Lite; two products that I reviewed in past issues (#12 and #16, respectively) and quite liked. The StrapShot is somewhat similar to the side holster of the Cotton Carry-Lite, but is designed to attach to the strap of a backpack or sling bag using Velcro “wings” that wrap around the strap, holding the StrapShot securely in place. I found that the StrapShot attached firmly to my backpack strap and didn’t slip, even when holding a heavy DSLR and a 70-200 f/4 lens. For extra security, the StrapShot also comes with a strap that can be attached to the pack to prevent slippage or having it come off. The StrapShot also has a belt loop, but only smaller cameras are recommended for belt use.


Like the other Cotton Carrier products, the StrapShot utilizes their unique, hub-based Quick-Release Patented Locking System that makes attaching the camera to and removing it from the StrapShot holster quick and easy with just a simple twist of the wrist, while still keeping the camera securely in place when not in use. When I reviewed the other Cotton Carrier products I found it a lot easier to attach and remove my camera from the holster when the Cotton Carrier Hand Strap was attached to my camera, and this was also the case with the StrapShot. The great thing is that a Cotton Carrier Hand Strap, valued at $35, is included as a bonus with the StrapShot. For additional security there’s also a camera safety tether included that connects the camera to the StrapShot, so if the camera accidently comes out of the holster it won’t fall to the ground.

StrapShot in action

StrapShot in action


The StrapShot is made from weatherproof, rugged 1680 denier nylon and high-quality hardware, and like other Cotton Carrier products, it’s built to last. The only small issue I have with the StrapShot is that when you take your pack off, you have to hold onto your camera with its handgrip and that can be a bit of a pain if you need to do it for an extended period. Otherwise the StrapShot is a rugged, convenient, secure way to carry your camera while still keeping it handy for quick access so you don’t miss any photographic opportunities. The StrapShot sells for around $79.99 and comes with one regular camera hub, a camera safety tether and a bonus hand strap (a $35 value).

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