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Gear – Contour Design’s Unimouse (full review)


By Jason DiMichele

The majority of digital photographers spend lots of time using a computer due to image processing and promoting ourselves online. Therefore, there are some non-photographic accessories that can really benefit us. The Unimouse is one of these general, but very innovative accessories. Based on my initial impression, I thought it might be a very productive tool, so I jumped at the opportunity to review it.


Contour Design’s Unimouse ($89.95 US for wired, $109.95 US for wireless; available from www.contourdesign.com), is an ergonomic mouse like you’ve never seen! It measures 4.7” x 3.0” x 2.2”, weighs 4.5 oz, and comes in one colour (slate).

The Unimouse is well-designed and constructed, offering plenty of great features and durability. It incorporates a state-of-the-art Pixart (PMW3330 IR) sensor, which offers seamless performance on almost any surface, is powered by a Lithium-Ion Polymer battery that lasts up to three months on a single charge, and can be used while charging (about two hours). To conserve power, there’s a physical power switch and a “Smart Sleep” battery system that hibernates the mouse when not in use. You can choose one of ten cursor speeds by varying resolution (DPI from 800 to 2800), customize the six buttons and scroll wheel, and can apparently click the buttons up to 20 million times before it fails!

Set-up is as simple as plugging the Unimouse (or wireless receiver) into your Mac or PC USB port and letting plug and play do its magic. I highly suggest installing the optional driver/customization utility, which allows you to configure the six programmable buttons and scroll wheel/button in order to get maximum benefit. This makes customizing the Unimouse very straightforward. Not only can the buttons and wheel be customized, but you can assign macro-like commands to them, as well as have groups of settings for individual applications. This is definitely a workflow benefit of the Unimouse.

Contour Design refers to the Unimouse as “comfort in motion” and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never used such an amazing mouse or comparable peripheral! The ergonomic capabilities of the Unimouse are pure genius. The body can be tilted between 35 and 70 degrees, the articulating thumb support can move in/out, up/down, forward/backward, rotated, or any combination thereof. All of the adjustments use a friction-based locking system to ensure they stay in place until you want to change them, and you can also easily change all of these adjustments on the fly. Designed to work with hands of all sizes, the Unimouse is a great help in reducing repetitive strain injury as you’re always able to keep a comfortable grip.

In addition to the comfort factor, the Unimouse usability is a positive experience. The buttons are consistently responsive, and the scroll wheel/button is very accurate and smooth. As expected with an ergonomic product, the control layout is well designed. A group of LED lights at the base of the Unimouse indicate various states such as battery level, pairing with the wireless receiver, cursor speed, etc. A conveniently located button beside the LEDs allows for quick cursor speed changes.

I really didn’t find any issues with the Unimouse. Just make sure to leave enough operating desk space, because depending on the mouse body angle you’ve set, it may be awkward to pick up and reposition.

The Unimouse has redefined ergonomic. You can make it fit like a glove, and it’s just enjoyable to use. Considering it can obviously be used for all of your computing needs, the Unimouse is a product that you’ll use every day, and is well worth the investment.

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