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From Where I Sit — Are You the Best or the Best-Kept Secret


Victor Liu

Liu, like many of today’s professional photographers, is self-taught. Based in Calgary, AB, he currently works in the computer science field. Liu immigrated to Canada from China roughly 10 years ago to pursue a master’s degree in computer science. Upon graduation he purchased his first DSLR and began his new journey of photography with every hiking, mountain climbing and kayak trip he went on. Soon his love of nature and photography was too great to ignore.


Liu began studying meteorology, zoology, botany and geology. Much of his love and passion for nature is borne from his love of music, painting and literature. “Gaining knowledge in these areas was necessary if I was to ever become a great nature photographer. I could feel a power inside my heart pushing me forward, which I believe is the love of nature,” Liu says.

outdoorshLiu is the recipient of many photography awards, too numerous to mention here. I will say, however, that he has been the winner of several Outdoor Photography Canada contests and editor’s assignments over the past few years. Liu has just won yet another editor’s assignment for February 2013 (turn to page 56 of this issue to see his latest win). For a complete list of awards and accolades you can visit his website at www.victorliuphotography.com.

Liu has already garnered much attention from magazines such as Canadian Geographic, Outdoor Photography Canada, Photo Life, Canadian Wildlife, Outdoor Canada, Canadian Camera as well as Alberta views and British Columbia magazines. With his determination and pure passion for what he does, Liu will not remain a best-kept secret for long. His name will rank among the top Canadian professional shooters very soon. With this much dedication to his craft, how could it be any other way?

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Roy Ramsay/Editor-in-Chief



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