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Editor’s Assignment Winners — November, December 2014 and January 2015

November 2014 winner — Kirk MacMillan, BC
(A Time for Autumn)

Title: Last of Fall
Photo: ©Kirk MacMillan
Gear/Settings: Nikon D80 with Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens, ƒ13@1 sec., ISO 400
The colours, although beyond what we would see normally, capture the complementary shades of blue/purple and orange/red. The form, lines and shapes together with the vibrant colour make this a striking and artistic rendition of autumn, somewhat like a digital painting.


— Roy Ramsay, Editor-in-Chief


©Kirk MacMillan

©Kirk MacMillan

December 2014 winner — Lynn Wilson, QC

Title: Eyes of the Dragon
Photo: ©Lynn Wilson
Gear/Settings: Canon 7D, 100mm macro lens, ƒ8@1/20 sec., ISO 100

I was practising with my Canon 100mm macro lens when I stumbled upon a dragonfly resting on a leaf. This extremely interesting subject seemed to be looking up at me and smiling. My goal at that point was to document the almost cartoon-like characteristics of this little creature.

©Lynn Wilson

©Lynn Wilson

January 2015 winner – David Turcotte, AB
(Black and White Land/Waterscapes)

Title: Abraham Lake in Winter
Photo: ©David Turcotte
Gear/Settings: Nikon D300s, 14 mm focal length, ƒ11@1/15 sec., ISO 200

While trekking around Preacher’s Point, Abraham Lake, AB in the dead of winter I came across this stunning vista of some amazingly clear ice with air bubbles trapped in layers throughout its entire thickness. I also found a wonderful crack in the ice that spider-webbed a little further ahead, creating some great leading lines. A cloudy day also provided me with some drama to the skyline.

©David Turcotte

©David Turcotte


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