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Editor’s Assignment results

February winner
Victor Liu, AB
(Bulb Mode)

Title: Starry Night
Photo: ©Victor Liu
Location: This was a starry night at Abraham lake, AB. The sky was clear and the ice was beautiful. I watched the stars above the tent I set up, and I lost track of time as I observed a truly beautiful scene.
Settings: A combination of 60 shots, each ƒ8@30 sec., bulb mode, ISO 1000


Stary nightsh


Runner up — Jonathan Huyer
Title: Vermilion Lakes Ink-Blot
Photo: ©Jonathan Huyer
Location: Alberta
Settings: 24-70mm lens, 28mm focal length, ƒ16@30 sec., ISO 100



March winner
David Cracknell, BC
(In the Wild)

Title: Frequent Visitor
Photo: ©David Cracknell
Location: This healthy, young coyote was hunting in our north horse pasture (McConnell Creek, Mission, BC). The coyotes in our area tend to be quite bold and not very skittish.
Settings: Nikkor 70-300mm lens, focal length 200m, ƒ14@1/320sec., ISO 400



Runner up — Sylvain Rioux
Title: Pika
Photo: ©Sylvain Rioux
Settings: 420mm focal length, ƒ7@1/200 sec., ISO 800

pika_0981 runner up


April winner
Bill Zinck, ON

Title: Biker
Photo: ©Bill Zinck
Location: While wandering around Niagara Falls, ON I saw this guy coming down the street and managed to grab this shot using a panning technique.
Setttings: 30mm 1/1.4 lens, ƒ13@1/20 sec., ISO 100

Picture 1


Runner up — Claude Robidoux
Title: Abstract
Photo: ©Claude Robidoux
Settings: unrecorded

abstract_0 runner up



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