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Editor’s Assignment (Full Story)

Here are the winners of the May and July 2015 online Editor’s Assignment contest. There was no assignment for June 2015. To enter the contest and for full details, please visit our website at www.opcmagazine.com.


– Editor-in-Chief


©Karen Kirby Title: Full Bloom

©Karen Kirby
Title: Full Bloom

May 2015 winner — Karen Kirby, NS

(Full Bloom)
Title: Full Bloom
Photo: ©Karen Kirby
The May theme was to photograph spring in full bloom. I love how Karen has isolated the single tulip flower against a background garden of tulips. Indeed this gives the feeling of spring’s full bloom. Nice job, Karen!

— Roy Ramsay, Editor-in-Chief


©Filipe Araujo Title: Speed

©Filipe Araujo
Title: Speed


July 2015 winner — Filipe Araujo, ON

(Event Photography)
Title: Speed
Photo: ©Filipe Araujo
It was very fortuntate this year that Toronto hosted the 2015 Pam Am Games. It gave several entrants an opportunity to photograph professional athletes in action. Filipe Araujo photographed track cycling and captured the essence of this sport. By panning with the rider, and keeping him in sharp focus, the blurred background gives the impression of just how fast these cyclists race around the track. Great capture, Filipe.

— Roy Ramsay, Editor-in-Chief


Thank you to our sponsor, Mike Grandmaison

Winners of these Editor’s Assignments both receive signed copies of Mike Grandmaison’s Muskoka coffee table book.




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