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Editorial — Fresh Perspectives (full story)

Story and photography by Roy Ramsay

Welcome to the Fall issue! Another summer has come and gone, but that’s okay because outdoor photographers like us love every season — right? Don’t we?


In the last issue, I put the teaser out that we were bringing on a new columnist to become part of the OPC family; well the wait is over. I’d like to welcome Patrick DiFruscia to the magazine. You’ll find Patrick’s first instalment beginning on page 10. Patrick is not just a spectacular photographer (like the rest of our amazing staff), but he is passionate about something more. I’ll let him explain more in his column. I am really excited about OPC this year since bringing on two new top-notch photographers; Glenn Bartley and now Patrick DiFruscia. I look forward to reading a lot more from them in 2019. 

Last issue we ran a survey asking our readers what they liked, didn’t like, what they wanted to see more of, less of etc. The response was great and provided a lot of insight into what we should be doing moving forward. With that, I bring you the Fall issue and some fresh perspectives on outdoor photography.

This issue still has the stuff you’ve come to love, but we wanted to bring you something a little different. Not so different that you could never afford to try it yourself, but rather something within your reach if you so dared. First up we have Elevated Perspectives, by Stuart Retallack starting on page 40. Stuart gives us a closer look at drone photography. Not only do drones provide a fresh look at landscape photography and cinematography, but we also explore the respect and responsibility that comes with this new type of technology. Drones can be used for good, as we try to dispel the bad rap these UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) sometimes receive. Did you know that drones are being used in California for fire spotting? In Canada there is a pilot project for using drones for blood delivery to remote communities. Drone uses are about as creative as your mind envisions them to be. So before you pass judgment on these quadcopters give Stuart’s article a read, and see for yourself.

Next we have shooting Urban Spaces by Joe Cantin. Joe points out that every big metropolis has greenspace within or near the city that is perfect for outdoor photography. If you’d rather not shoot city streets and buildings, you don’t really have to drive three or four hours to get some great landscape shots.

OPC will be rolling out some new stuff for everyone to enjoy over the next year, I won’t say too much at this point, but only that it will be OPClishious! Watch out for exciting announcements on Instagram, Facebook and of course our website.

I’ll leave the rest of this issue for you to explore, we hope you enjoy.

To read more of this not-to-miss issue please pick up the Fall/Winter 2018 issue today online or at your local newsstand. To never miss an issue you can subscribe here

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