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Digital Chat — The Cleaning Conundrum (preview)

©Paul Burwell The Eyelead cleaning tool

©Paul Burwell
The Sensor Gel Stick from eyelead.

If your digital camera has lenses that can be removed and interchanged, it’s only a matter of time until you get dust and debris on the camera’s sensor. When enough “junk” accumulates and starts to show in your photos you can waste valuable time de-spotting the images in software. Eventually, you’ll need to break down and get that sensor cleaned, either as a do-it-yourself project or by taking it to a tech at a camera store.


Here’s a confession for you. Back in 2005, just after I’d purchased a very expensive Canon 1Ds Mark II camera that cost me over $8,000, I wrecked the sensor when I tried to clean it. Replacing the sensor was a $2,500 lesson and since then, I’ve been a bit shy about trying to clean my own sensors and now leave the task to the tech at the local camera store.

Of course I kept abreast of developments in the sensor cleaning arena, but nothing new ever came along that piqued my interest enough to try again. That changed when I came across a product from a company out of Germany named Eyelead, which produces a product simply called the Sensor Gel Stick.

The product that I previously used to clean my sensor was …

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