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Digital Chat — A Handy Gadget That’s Easy To Bring Along (preview)

©Paul Burwell An iPhone using the Luxi with the free app and suggested exposure

©Paul Burwell
An iPhone using the Luxi with the free app and suggested exposure

Story and Photography by Paul Burwell

Your camera’s metering system sucks. Don’t worry, so does mine. It doesn’t matter if your camera cost $500 or $5,000 because their metering systems all suffer from one flaw — the camera’s light meter can only read the light reflecting off your subject.


This wouldn’t matter if all objects in the world reflected the same amount of light, but they don’t. A bright white flower reflects more light than a dark purple flower. The difference in reflectivity between objects ends up fooling the camera’s metering system.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using Nikon’s, Canon’s, Pentax’s, Sony’s or Olympus’ latest, greatest, fanciest metering system (Matrix, Evaluative, Multi-Segment, Multi-Segment and Digital ESP respectively) or some of the older standbys like centre-weighted, partial or spot metering. They’ll all have trouble figuring out the proper exposure for a subject  like a white flower filling the frame.

Paul Burwell sheds some light on a new product called the Luxi that turns your iPhone into a handy light meter!

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