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Bird Photography Tips – Bird Identification (Part 2) – Using Distinct Characteristics to Identify Birds (preview)

©Ethan Meleg Adult Blue-headed Vireo

©Ethan Meleg
Adult Blue-headed Vireo. For the camera settings used to shoot this image please pick up the Winter 2017 (#40) issue of OPC today!

Story and photography by Ethan Meleg

In the last issue, I wrote about how to find out which bird species can be expected in the areas where you’re photographing. Now, I’m focusing on tips for identifying bird species by observing their unique differences and characteristics. The great thing is that since many of the identification features are relative to other birds, as you learn more species, it becomes easier to identify the others. And as a bird photographer, improving your bird ID skills can help increase your chance of capturing more great photos!


To read more of Ethan’s bird tips column in this 10th anniversary issue please pick up the Winter 2017 (#40) issue of OPC. Or to never miss an issue please SUBSCRIBE today!


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