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Bird Photography Tips – Airline Travel with Camera Gear for Bird Photography (preview)

©Ethan Meleg
Red-headed barbet, Ecuador. One of the joys of bird photography is travelling to exotic locations and finding new birds.
Gear/Settings: Canon 1D Mark IV, 500mm f/4 IS and 1.4x, ƒ5.6@1/300 sec., ISO 400

Story and photography by Ethan Meleg

Autumn is here and with any luck you’re planning an exciting bird photography trip somewhere exotic this winter, in search of new species in different environments. There’s nothing I love to do more than photograph new bird species in far-away places, but it took me a long time to figure out how to pack big lenses, tripods and other expensive camera gear in a safe and efficient manner for airline travel. In this column, I’m going to share the best approach I’ve come up with so far.


For every major bird (or wildlife) photography trip that includes airline flights, I travel with three packs. Read on for details about each one and what it contains.

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